New Home & Old Place

New Home & Old Place
Photo by Rafael Leão / Unsplash

A few months ago I decided to nuke my old technology blog, hosted at the same URL you are accessing now, and also aptly named

The genesis

That blog had a history fully centered around technology, and had been around since 2008 (the domain itself was registered 24 years ago, some time in 2000, when I was doing "website design"). The blog first started with troubleshooting-related information then, influenced by the many folks I started following on Twitter, it moved on gradually to be about industry news, then about analyst-style content.

The age of hiatus

When my business partner and friend Arjan Timmerman invited me to join TECHunplugged in 2017, I found myself with a personal technology blog, while we were also developing our own updated company website with industry-relevant content. Obviously, business development had the highest priority, and was put on hiatus, despite the non-enterprise tech blog or personal musing now and then.


Fast forward to 2024 and I'm still committed to what we do at TECHunplugged, yet I feel that I needed a blank canvas to start sharing my thoughts, especially non-technical content. Nuking the old site was a pre-requisite to start fresh. Most of the content was outdated from a technology standpoint, and I didn't want to carry on with any mental burden.

With the old gone, I found myself without a place to share thoughts and non-technical content. Social media doesn't fit the bill: Twitter has been somehow depopulated, Mastodon remains somehow niche (despite the initial influx of disgruntled Twitter users), and I like writing "long read" content that hopefully has a longer life shelf than a short tweet.

To LinkedIn or Not

But then, why not use LinkedIn or Medium?

I like to have control and ownership about what I publish. Also, I want to write in a place that is mine and out of the time constraints of doom scrolling on LinkedIn. The paradox of LinkedIn is that as a company co-owner, content creator, and analyst, the reach offered by the platform is important and allows me (and my business partner, of course) to reach out to many industry peers and friends across the globe.

On another hand, I have more than once realized that I am engaged in doom scrolling with all sorts of posts, often off-topic, meant to be controversial that put a strain on my day and make me concerned, amused, or annoyed at things that are not even relevant to me.

Staying off-platform doesn't mean I will not be sharing my posts there, but I intend to keep this place as a "safe harbor" that is less about controversy and more about useful content.


I aim to publish non-technical content or, at least, non-enterprise tech related content. I want to talk about personal experiences, books, societal topics, perhaps even about consumer technology from a user standpoint.

My objective will be to provide you, the reader, with hopefully useful and insightful information. For now, I thank you for reading, and I look forward to more content in the near future.